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Which programming language you should learn

Posted: 19-03-2019

Programming is one of the most powerful skills you can have in the job market today.

Competency in the field of programming can provide a massive boost to the value you provide to your employers, and programming itself has become an increasingly attractive occupation.

There is a clear interest in beginner coding courses as a result, with many South Africans keen to enter the programming profession.

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How to get into project management

Posted: 06-03-2019
So, you want to become a project manager? It’s a good thing you’re here then.

The first step towards the exciting path of project management is not concrete, but there are several good places to start.
First, remember that a project manager is involved in leading teams to complete projects successfully; within time and budget constraints. The project manager has everything to do with the schedule, human resources, and monetary responsibilities. Nerve-wracking? Maybe. Thrilling? Definitely.

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How to be an AWESOME Recruiter in 2019

Posted: 04-02-2019
This is for anyone wanting to have an amazing 2019. Take your recruiting career to the next level with this simple to follow the guide on how to be an awesome recruiter in 2019. Last year I wrote a list of things that I thought would help recruiters be amazing in 2018, this year I am back with an updated version. Some of the things are the same as last year, same, same but different. A simple to follow a collection of ideas, methods and hacks to help you in 2019.

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How to write a cracking good recruitment advertisement

Posted: 10-01-2019
You’ve got a new opportunity in your organisation and you’re looking to attract great candidates. How can you prevent top talent from skipping over your advertisement or being turned off by your layout or copy? Follow these effective strategies to craft an effective, attention-grabbing recruitment advertisement that makes people want to apply.

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Happy New Year

Posted: 08-01-2019
Happy New Year. Best wishes for 2019. Let's change some lives!

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Front-End vs Back-End vs Full Stack Developer

Posted: 23-10-2018
If you’ve dabbled in HTML, JavaScript, or maybe a little Python, but you’re not quite sure which path to venture out on, this handy breakdown is for you.

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Why You Should Never Accept a Counter Offer

Posted: 03-10-2018
When you accept a new job offer and hand in your notice, it’s possible that your current employer will make a counter offer to incentivize you to stay. This typically comes in the form of an increased salary and benefits package and is often a substantial increase on your current remuneration.

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How to make your resume search friendly

Posted: 17-09-2018
Wondering how to optimize your resume so that it ranks high in search results and on employers’ Applicant Tracking Systems? Here are some tips.

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Set up a Job Alert

Posted: 17-07-2018
Would you like to receive an email from us when new IT jobs are posted?

Job Alerts are email notifications that are sent directly to your email address when new jobs that match your skills and experience are posted online. Be the first to respond to new jobs and increase your chances of getting employed.

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Cover Letter Tips

Posted: 02-07-2018
After your resume, your cover letter is generally your most important employment tool, so the better it reads when applying for a job, the better your chances are of landing an interview.

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